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Artist's Biography



Beverly Pearl has enjoyed a long career as a writer, editor, educator and artist, working for government and industry. Since retiring, she has focused mainly on creative and educational writing, ghost-writing, publishing, and mixed-media art. She has created a number books featuring artworks and literary offerings by others as well, including “Artful Canada artistique”, a bilingual tribute to Canada’s and Orillia’s 150th anniversaries, and both editions of “Mariposa Exposed”, which showcased some of Orillia’s talented writers.

Art was a theme throughout her life, and Beverly continued to explore art through different media and styles, often mixing media. After leaving a world of government and industry contracts to care for her children, Beverly continued to write, publish, and participate in art shows as time allowed. She accepted teaching positions, and started a small publishing company to provide children with a real-world publishing experience.

The “Home and School Times” was a small journal, featuring the writing and artwork of children, that found its way into the libraries of Simcoe County. Avid, young writers also collaborated on a book, which Beverly was able to publish for them using her publishing company of the same name. Later, she branched out into publishing for adults as well, and “Home and School Times” became “H&S Times”, and then “Temps H&S Times” in an effort to support bilingualism. In the adult evolution of the company, the “H” would stand for “Heureux” or “Happy”, and the “S” for “Sage”.

Artist Statement:

"Visual art is a quiet conversation, often with those parts of ourselves we sometimes ignore."

Artist Profile:

Beverly Pearl is an artist, writer, and retired educator living near Georgian Bay, Ontario. She uses a variety of styles and media to create and present her art. For many of her years as an artist she worked in pencil, oil and acrylic, creating realistic and impressionistic works which hang in private collections across Canada. She has also used mixed media in free-form mosaic to create impressionistic and abstract pieces. Some of her most recent works feature Ink and digital media, mainly used to create prismatic renderings of people and animals in motion.

  • Member of The Orillia District and Arts Council (ODAC), The Orillia Museum of Art and History, and Barrie’s MacLaren Art Centre.

  • Creator of “Artful Canada Artistique” (a bilingual coffee-table book featuring local artists and celebrating Canada’s sesquicentennial)

  • Designer of a number of books featuring her own and other’s art and literature

  • Independent publisher